Handhelds & Entrees

  • Exotic Beast Burger
  • Blend of ground elk, ground bison, ground wagyu beef, ground wild boar patty, garlic aioli, cream cheese, brie cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, fried onion strings, and bacon served with fries
  • *Red Velvet Waffle Sliders
    (As seen on TV!)
  • Buttermilk chicken breast, spicy remoulade, shredded lettuce, red velvet waffle
  • *Therapy Burger
  • 8oz. Wagyu patty, smoked cheddar, lettuce, tomato, chef's sauce, fries
  • Choripan
  • Argentinian style hotdog, pork sausage chorizo grilled and served over a French Baguette mignon. Topped with parsley, chimichurri and sals criola, onion tomato and bell red peppers.
  • Bikini Sandwich
    add protein Chicken $7 Bacon 5
  • Country bread veggies sandwich, hummus spread, mixed greens, cucumber slices, soy sprouts, fresh tomato slices, red onions drizzled with cilantro lime dressing, french fries.
  • Truffle Grilled Cheese
  • Mozzarella, white cheddar, provolone grilled on country bread drizzled with truffle oil, fench fries
  • New England Lobster Roll
  • Lobster deep in butter, spicy aioli, chives, and smoked paprika, served on a New England Frank Roll with fries.